📃 Building a Custom Recipient List

This guild will help step you through how to prepare a custom recipient list for an email or SMS campaign, including the process to search, add & confirm both Stakeholder & User recipients.


Required Minimum System Role: Standard User

Required Minimum Team Role: Editor and Comms Contributor 

📄 Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Within the Recipient Details section of your campaign, select Create Custom Distribution List.

Note: You cannot send from both a standard Distribution List & Custom Distribution List, creating a Custom Distribution List will remove any standard Distribution List you have assigned to your campaign.


2. This will open the Recipient List Builder

From here you can begin searching for both Stakeholders and Users to add to your campaign using the search builder. For example, to find all Stakeholders belonging to a specific postcode you would enter the following search criteria: (Stakeholders > Post Code > Equals > 4006) and click New Search.


3. Once you have triggered the search, the results list will update to reflect those which match your query.


To begin building your custom recipient list, check the box next to each Stakeholder you would like to include from the search results and click +Add Selected


Alternatively, you can select +Add All to add all Stakeholders from the search results to your custom recipient list.


Note: Only Stakeholders with correct Privacy Permissions and a valid email address (for email campaigns) OR valid mobile number (for SMS campaigns) will be displayed in the search results.

4. To search and include Users on your custom recipient list you can switch the primary entity search from Stakeholders to Users via the dropdown selector, you can then conduct searches for Users in the same manner detailed above.

 5. Once you have added all recipients you would like to include in your custom campaign list, select the Recipient List tab.



This list will show all recipients currently added to your custom distribution list. Should you wish to remove any previously added recipients you can select them via the same checkbox process detailed previously and click -Remove Selected.


6. Finally, when you are ready to confirm your custom distribution list and apply it to your campaign, click the Save List button.



7. Your custom sending list will now be applied to your campaign and used when you start the sending process. A number will be displayed on the Create Custom Distribution List button denoting how many recipients are currently added to this campaign sending list.