Bulk Document Download

How to download multiple documents from the system simultaneously

Required System Role: Standard User

Required Team Role: Contributor 

You can download individual Document attachments by clicking the small 'Download' button on the Document's profile, but there are multiple circumstances where you might need to download more than one document at a time.

Multiple Documents, and their attachments, can be downloaded at once by going to the Tabular option (2) in the Reports (1) area.

Changing your search option to Documents (3) will enable a small tick box you can select (4) to include the attachments:

After you've activated your search (5), and selected that tick box (6), click 'Generate and Download' (7).

This will confirm your report selection:

Clicking 'Yes' will confirm, and your report will begin generating.

Please note: This may take some time to generate. And can impact the performance of your system for other Users.

Once your report with those attached Documents has finished generating, a pop-up message will appear prompting you to download the file.

The file that will be downloaded will be a .zip file which will contain all the document attachments and a .csv report with the details of the document records.

Once the .zip file is in your downloads folder, you should be able to use native functionality on your computer to extract the details.

If you have any questions or concerns about the best way to handle this based on your organization's security and file management requirements, we recommend reaching out to your IT team for guidance and assistance.


On Windows, right-clicking on the folder will give you the option to extract all.


If you encounter any difficulties while downloading this report, it is possible that your computer's security settings may prevent the downloading of .zip files. We recommend reaching out to your IT team for additional assistance in resolving this issue.