How to Create and Manage Communications Template

This article will provide information about how to create and manage a template for comms.


Required System Role: Standard User

Required Team Role: Editor and Comms Contributor.

Creating a New Template

Open your Consultation Manager Comms area by selecting 'Comms' from the selection bar at the top of your workspace.

Select 'Create New Template'

Select the template name field and enter a name for your template then you can begin to build the campaign.

Once you finish building the campaign select "Create Campaign' in the top right corner. 

You will receive this pop-up message when it has been successfully created.

Managing Templates

In the manage template section, you can search by template name. 

 It is also possible to change the view of your managed templates here.

And switch between 'Grid' and 'List' views.

Favourite a template

The Star option in the lower right of your template image allows you to 'Favourite' your most used templates. 

Favourite templates can then be accessed via the drop-down to the right of the Manage Templates area.

Three-dot menu options

Three options are accessed via the three-dot menu at the bottom right of your template.

You will then be able to 'Edit Template', 'Clone template' and 'Delete Template'.

Adding Mail Merge to your Templates

If you are aware that some of your recipients do not have a First or Last name ensure you advise your Enterprise Admin to configure default values to the Mail Merge feature. Configure Default Values

If you would like to personalise your Email Campaigns, you can add the recipient's First name, Last name or Email address into the text field as a part of the campaign.

Do this by selecting from the available 'Merge Tags' in the text box of your campaign.


Editing a template

Once you select this option, make any of the necessary changes to your template and then click the 'Save Changes' button at the top right.

An edited template overwrites the existing template, if you need to keep your existing template, select Clone template instead.

Cloning a template

If you need to update an existing template and you don't want to overwrite the existing template, make sure you select 'Clone Template'.

This way it will copy the existing template and allow you to make any necessary changes without deleting the existing email template.

The cloned template will appear in your list of managed templates with the same name as the existing template you have cloned it from with a number at the end in brackets.

You can then edit the template and save it.

Deleting a template

Deleting a template will permanently delete the template from your list of templates for every User.

Please ensure you are deleting the correct template before you go ahead and delete any templates.