Creating a Scheduled Report

How do I create a Scheduled Report

Required System Role: Standard User

Required Minimum Team Role: Contributor 


To successfully create a Scheduled Report, you must have a saved report template. Templates can be created for any of the pre-defined report types in Consultation Manager.

How to create a Report Template here.

Scheduling a Report

1. First navigate to the Reports area in CM.

2. Select 'Scheduled Reports'.

3. Click '+New Scheduled Report'.

4. A New Scheduled Report popup will appear.

4. a.) Select the report template that you previously saved from the drop-down to schedule.

4. b.) Enter a Subject Line for the email.

4. c.) Select the frequency for your Scheduled Report.

4. d.) Select the report start and expiry date or toggle the 'no expiry date' if it is required to run indefinitely.

4. e.) Add any additional recipients for your Scheduled Report. 

Please note that the additional recipients will be provided with the report which could include data that they can not under normal circumstances access. The Scheduled Report does not check additional Users' Permissions to access the reported data.

5. Your Scheduled report is now 'Running'.