📲 Creating an SMS Campaign

This guide will help you in setting up your first SMS campaign in Consultation Manager, walking you through how to start the creation process, populating required sending details & getting your campaign ready for sending!


Required System Role: Standard User

Required Team Role: Editor and Comms Contributor 

📄 Step-by-Step Guide

  1. From your SMS Campaigns list click Create New SMS.


  2. Once the Campaign builder has opened, expand the Name & Project Selection section and enter a name for your campaign in the Campaign Name area & select at least one Project to relate this campaign to.


  3. Expand the Recipient Details section and tag any relevant Event Issues for the corresponding Event record which we will create when this campaign is sent.



  4. Next, you will need to select which sending method you would like to use for distributing this campaign (you can only choose one):

    1. Distribution List - Select one or multiple distribution lists you would like to send from, when your campaign is sent each recipient tagged on your included distribution lists will be sent the campaign.


    2. Create Custom Distribution List - Alternatively, you can select Create Custom Distribution List to open our manual recipient list builder to create a tailored list for this campaign via our traditional Search. A guide on using the Custom Distribution List builder can be viewed here.



  5. Once you have selected your sending method, expand the Message Details section, from here you can select the Sender Type (this will default to Alphanumerical unless you have configured a custom sending number), Sending Country & From Name (up to 11 characters)


  6. Finally, expand the Message Content section, we recommend at this stage if you haven't already that you Save your campaign.


    Once saved, input your SMS message into the Message field under the Message Content section. A preview will be rendered on the right to show you a representation of your sent message.


    Note: If you want to send a test SMS of your message prior to sending your campaign, enter your mobile number into the Send Test SMS field and click Send.


  7. Once you've entered your message content, we recommend you Save your campaign once more, following which you are now ready to send! 🎉


✅ We validate all required details on your campaign so you won't be able to send until you have a green checkmark in each details section.

⏭ Next Steps

Now that your campaign is created and saved, check out our guide on Sending your SMS Campaign.