Creating Projects

Identifying what a Project can be, and how they are used

System Role: Enterprise Admin

Consultation Manager uses Projects to structure and segment data. Projects in the system might be physical locations, such as a worksite or a road upgrade, or they could be conceptual, like an education program or initiative.

Projects can be clustered into project groups so that you can report on a segment of Projects at once.

Projects are the core level of data segmentation in the system, so your active selection in the Project tree (pictured below) will influence which Records are returned in a search. Without access to Projects in the system, Users will not be able to see any records that are made Private to those Projects.

  • Projects can be added to the system by an Enterprise Administrator

  • Projects are selected when entering a record into Consultation Manager. This assigns the record to the Project.

  • A large Project can be entered as a Project Group and segmented into smaller Projects in the system, allowing users to view and report on specific areas of a Project.