Editing Rich Text Fields

Rich Text provides the ability to format your notes.

Rich text is text is a format that supports basic styles. The alternative is plain text, which does not support formatting. 

Rich Text allows for simple text along with headings, colours, bold, italics, underlining, strikethrough, code, subscript, superscript, quotes, dot points, numbering, hyperlinks and embedded images.

The controls available for Rich Text formatting in CM are shown below.

From left to right, these are:

Paragraph/Heading: Choose standard paragraph or heading text

Undo/Redo: Undo or Redo the last action

Bold: Bold the text

Italic: Italicise the text

Underline: Underline the text

Strikethrough: Strike out the text

Code: Display the text as a code snippet

Subscript: Reduce the size of the text and display it below the standard text

Superscript: Reduce the size of the text and display it above the standard text

Quote: Indent and italicise the text

Dot points: Display the text as an unordered list

Numbering: Display the text as an ordered list

Hyperlink: Add a clickable link to a portion of text

Image embed: Add an image

Text colour: Set the colour of the text