Within Consultation Manager, Stakeholders are the individuals you as an Organisation are engaging with. All information relating to your Stakeholders including details such as Titles, Names, Contact Information & Stakeholder Groups are tracked in this record and viewable through the Workspace.

  • Stakeholder fields can be modified, added or removed as required should you wish to change what information can be captured on a Stakeholders Profile.

  • Stakeholders can be related to Events (interactions) in order to track each engagement.

  • Stakeholders can have follow-up items assigned to them using Actions.

  • Stakeholders can be manually entered, imported from an existing CSV file or emailed-in to the system.

  • Stakeholders can be added to Distribution Lists to build out campaign mailing lists in our supported integrations.

Stakeholder Profiles and Relationships:

When viewing a Stakeholder profile the details of the Stakeholder record will be on the left side of the screen, on the right is the related records to the Stakeholder such as, Events, Actions and Properties.

Stakeholder Groups:

Stakeholder Groups allow you to categorize your different Stakeholders and pool them into groups relevant to you, each Stakeholder can have one or multiple Stakeholder Group tags. Categorizing your Stakeholders through Stakeholder Groups allows you to run report on specific segments as well as better track which groups you are engaging with most.

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