Within Consultation Manager, Events are interactions entered into the system between stakeholders and team members. These are configured to suit your individual business requirements and frequently feature phone calls., email correspondence, meetings, discussion forums, letterbox drops, marketing campaigns, etc. Any areas of concerns or issues raised during an interaction can be assigned to an event. There is no limit to the number of issues that can be allocated.

  • Event fields can be modified, added or removed as required should you wish to change what information can be captured on an Event record.

  • Events are private records, they are only visible to Users who have access to the Project that the Event is assigned to.

  • Events can be related to Stakeholders to understand who was present and involved, internal team members, organisations and Actions.

  • Events can also have a document linked to them, like meeting minutes or an image.

  • Events can have follow-up items assigned to them using Actions.

  • Events can be manually entered, imported from an existing CSV file or emailed into the system.

  • Areas of concern or interest can be assigned to Events like issues, complaints and sentiments. You can then use these tagged fields to run reports on specific segments of data, within a specified time frame if desired.

Event records and Relationships:

When viewing an Event record the details of the Event record will be on the left side of the screen, on the right is the related records to the Event such as Stakeholders, Users, Organisations and Actions.

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