Within Consultation Manager, Actions are tasks or “to do” items assigned by a User to themselves or another User, usually when a follow-up or action is required, and actions will remain active until they are resolved. A notification email can be sent to the User who is assigned the Action prompting their activity in completing this action, and details of the Action and when it was completed are tracked.

  • Action fields can be modified, added or removed as required should you wish to change what information can be captured on an Action record.

  • Actions can be related to Events (interactions) and Stakeholders in order to fulfill the specified task and view the relationship. to track outstanding and completed Actions..

  • Actions are manually entered.

  • Users can search or generate a report which will identify outstanding Actions, or completed Actions if desired.

  • An email can be generated from the Action record, being received by the team member prompting that individual to complete the action, if a specified completion date and time has been inserted then reminder emails will be sent until the Action is marked as complete. within the specified date and time

Action Record and Relationships

When viewing an Action Record the details of the record will be on the left side of the screen, on the right is the related records to the Action such as Stakeholder, Events and Users.

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