Within Consultation Manager, Documents are electronic files (e.g Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) uploaded to CM, or links stored within CM to external document management systems. Within the Document record, you can relate the document to other Entities such as Stakeholders and Events, to track and view the relationships that are relevant to the specified document.

  • Documents can be added or removed as required should you wish to change the electronic file within the Document record.

  • A Document record can be a website URL that directs the User to a document within an external source.

  • Documents are by default private records, they are only visible to Users who have access to the Project that the Document is assigned to.

  • Documents are uploaded or added manually or can be added automatically as an attachment when using the email in functionality.

  • Documents can be related to other Entities such as Stakeholders, Actions and Events. This way you can view and track the individuals and interactions to which the Document applies to.

Document record and Relationships:

When viewing a Document record the details of the record will be on the left side of the screen, on the right is the related records to the Document such as Stakeholder, Events and Actions.

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