A Record is any new entry into the system in the form of an Entity; including Stakeholders, Properties, Events, Actions, Documents, or any other Entities that have been customised for your system.

There are a couple of ways to add a Record. We recommend that before you add anything new, always do a quick search to confirm that it does not already exist in the system.

There are two main ways that you can add new records into the system, via the new button, or by adding a new record directly to an existing record.

The New Button

Located at the top right-hand side of the page, the green "New" button allows you to easily choose what type of new Record you want to create with a convenient drop down list.

While each type of Record has different data fields that need to be entered, all new Records should be assigned to at least one Project.

Continue to fill in all the fields that are applicable, and remember to fill in the mandatory fields which are shown by the red "Field is required".

Once you have chosen the Project/s, entered in all the data, and classified the Record appropriately, you need to save the Record.

The save button can be found at the top of the page.

HINT: If you have updated a Record and haven't yet saved it, an asterisk will appear next to the page title indicating that there have been changes made to the Record.

Adding a new record from an existing record

Another way to add a new record in the system is from an existing record's profile. Doing so will also automatically link the two records together. For instance, creating an Event from a Stakeholder profile will automatically link the Stakeholder and your new Event.

Looking at a record in your Workspace, you can see that the 'Details' of the record are listed on the left hand side, and all associated existing 'Relationships' are listed on the right hand side.

To create a new record with a linked relationship, click the '+' symbol on the right hand side in the pane of the type of record you want to create.

  1. Creating a new relationship with an existing record:

  2. Creating a new record: To create a new record, click the "+ Add" tab.

Assign to a Project: The new record will also need to be associated with its respective Project or Projects.

Click on "Select at least one project" for your drop down list to appear, and tick which Project/s are applicable.

Event Type and Event fields: When creating a new Event Entity, note that the fields may be customised to your company. However, two of the most common and relevant fields are the Event Type and the Issues. These can be key pieces of information that should not be skipped as they are used in Searches and Reporting.

NOTE: Your organisation may also call Issues "Topics" or "Themes". It acts the same way in classifying what subject the stakeholder engagement was about.

"Save": After the details of your engagement have been entered into the system, you must save the data.

Click Save, and a success message will appear when your record has been saved successfully. You will have 3 options to choose from.

Clicking 'Add another Event' (1) will refresh the creation form so you can add another Event record directly to the Stakeholder profile.

Clicking 'Open this Event' (2) will take you to the new Event you've just created. The original Stakeholder you've created the Event from will go back to it's details.

Clicking 'Go back to Stakeholder' (3) will take you back to the original Stakeholder you created the Event from.

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