We recommend that before you add any new Records, always do a quick search to check if they already exist.

The below steps can be used for any Entity in the system by choosing a different option from the [+ New] button.

The [+ New] Button

Click the green [+ New] button to choose what type of new Record you would like to create from a convenient drop down list. This button will not move and will always remain available regardless of where you are in the system.

Click the [+ New] button and select Stakeholder from the list. This will take you to a new Stakeholder Record panel in your Workspace.

How to Complete a New Stakeholder Record

  1. Projects: You have the option to link the individual Stakeholder Record to any Project/s you have opened in your Project Tree. It is highly recommended that new Stakeholder Records be assigned to at least one Project. This will help you categorise, manage and report on meaningful data. While it is a requirement for Event, Action and Document Records to be linked to a Project, some systems will require every Record to be linked to a Project, regardless of type.

  2. Fields: Continue to fill in as many of the relevant data fields as you can. Remember you have to complete the mandatory fields, which are shown in red "Field is required" before the Record will save successfully.

  3. Classifications - Stakeholder Groups: Stakeholder Groups are used to segment your Stakeholders by type. Only select the most relevant options, as best practice is to select usually no more than 3-4 Classifications per Stakeholder. Common examples can include Government, Directly Impacted Residents, or General Community.

  4. Classifications - Distribution Lists: Distribution Lists are used to describe how your Stakeholders want you to interact with them. Examples could include E-newsletter lists, SMS Project Updates or Letter Box drop.

  5. Save: Once you have linked the relevant Project/s, entered the required data, and classified the Stakeholder Record appropriately, you will need to save the Record. To save the data or any changes you made, you need to select the [Save] button at the top right-hand side of the Record.

Hint: If you have updated a Record, but haven't yet saved it, an asterisk (6) will appear next to the Record title indicating that there have been unsaved changes made to the Record.

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