Once you have created the Event Record, you can link Stakeholder Records to the Event by creating a "relationship" between them.

Not only can you do this for individual Records, but there is an option to link multiple Records simultaneously.

1. You will either have just created the Event Record, or you will need to run a search to find the existing Event Record and open it.

2. On the right-hand side of the Record is where all the related Records are shown. To link multiple Stakeholders to the Event Record, select the [+] icon on the Stakeholder ribbon.

3. At the top of the page there are 4 Tab options, stay in the [ Assign ] Tab.

4. Run your Search to find the Stakeholders that need to be linked to the Event Record.

Helpful Hint: The more detailed and layered your search is, the more accurate your Stakeholder selection will be.

5. For one single Stakeholder Record, you can select the shortcut "link" icon to create the relationship

6. If you can easily find the few Stakeholder Records which are relevant from within the larger option of search results, tick the relevant selection boxes.

7. The arrow shows the drop-down options. If you have selected a smaller number of relevant Stakeholder Records (step 6), then choose [Assign Selected]

However, if the search results include all the Stakeholders that you want to link to the Event Record, choose the [Assign All] option.

8. You will need to confirm that you want to Assign all the Stakeholder Records which you selected.

9. You will know that the Stakeholder Records have been successfully linked to the Event Record when you see the "Successful" pop-up message.

The Stakeholders' Record details also disappear from view. This is because they cannot be added a second time to the Event Record.

10. It is recommended that you [Go Back] to the Event Record and confim that all the relevant Stakeholder Records have been added.

11. In the Event Record, you can now see the number of Stakeholder Records that have been linked. In the below picture, there are 8 Stakeholders linked to this 'Email' Event Record.

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