The Merge function allows you to easily clean up duplicate records in your system.

The newly merged record will retain all relationships from both original records, including related Records, Project relationships and any multi-select classifications such as Stakeholder Groups.

Merging is done directly in the Search Grid.

  1. Tick the checkboxes against the records you want to merge.

  2. When fields are blank in one record but populated in the other, the populated data will take priority.

  3. When fields are populated in both records, the data in the Primary Record will take priority.
    In this example: The Primary Record organisation "Nuclear Power Plant" will remain and the Secondary Record organisation "Springfield Nuclear Power Plant" will be erased.

NOTE: The first record you tick is the Primary Record. Data from the Primary Record are prioritised when there is conflicting free text data or single-select classifications.

After ticking the desired records, right click to show the menu, and click on "Merge" (4). This will merge both records and open the new Record in the Workspace.

NOTE: Merged Records do not disappear. The original records are deleted and can be recovered if a completed merge was erroneous.

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