The Batch Operations Tool allows you to update your data in bulk.

If you wish to make the same change to a group of Records, such as updating a free text field, date field, classification field or Project relationship, you can use the Batch Operations Tool.

The Records that you update can be Records that already have something in common and can be captured in a search (1), or you can select individual Records (2) to be updated.

Some examples of scenarios in which you might utilise Batch Operations are:

  • Adding a group of Stakeholders or Properties to a Project or a Distribution List - search for Records with a specific Postcode and add the Distribution List to them

  • Update Stakeholder tags based on their title - search for all Stakeholders with a title of CEO and update Influence level to "High"

  • Update all Stakeholder email addresses - search for email containing email and replace with

  • Add an Issue to all Events via a keyword search - search for all Events that mention "dust" and assign those records an issue of "Air Quality"

  • Reassign Events from one Event Type to another - search for all "Phone Call - Inbound" Events and update to "Phone Call"

  • Mark Records as Global or Private - search all Stakeholders linked to a Project and mark these as Private to prevent Users in other Projects from accessing these Records

The Batch Operations Tool is available to Team Leaders and Enterprise Administrators and is located in the Tools area of the system.

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