To use the Batch Operations Tool, navigate to Tools (1), Batch Operations (2) and New (3).

Once in the Batch Operations Tool, apply a Search for the Records you want to update on the right hand side (4). Be sure to run your search using the magnifying glass and review your search results to ensure these are the Records you wish to update.

All search results will be updated by the Batch Operations Tool (5), unless you check the boxes against specific Records.

If you select records by clicking on the checkbox next to them, then only the selected records will be updated.

Once you're satisfied with your search results, make your edit selections on the left hand side (6). You can choose from:

  • Modify - Edit the Records. This could be a free text field, a classification, date or another field type.

  • Relate to Projects - Relate these Records to a Project or Projects.

  • UnRelate from Projects - Unrelated these Records from a Project or Projects.

Once you have specified the changes you want to make to the Records, click Execute (7).

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