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Updating free text fields using Batch Operations
Updating free text fields using Batch Operations
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Once your search is applied within the Batch tool, select Modify (1) on the left hand side.

NOTE: When using the Batch Operations Tool, always apply your search first and review the search results before progressing.

Next, in the left hand column, find the free text field that you wish to edit and make your selections.

First, you must select a Field Action (2).

Update Value

Replaces any existing text in this field for all Records in your search results. "Update and override the previous value with the new value."

Find and Replace

Identifies and replaces a specified string (phrase) with another. "Updates a specified portion of text with the supplied value."

In this example, we are updating all the email addresses of the Stakeholder Records in our search results to their organisation's new domain.

Next, specify the current value to replace and enter the replacement data (3).

After finalising the changes you are making to the Records, click Execute (4).

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