The Webform Builder allows you to define the Records, fields and relationships that should be created when someone completes your form and provides basic HTML that you can include on a web page.

Webforms allow your Stakeholders to:

  • Register their interest in your projects

  • Provide feedback on projects

  • Make formal submissions during consultation periods

  • Join eNews/SMS distribution lists

Other use cases may include:

  • Providing a webform to a call centre or other external team to log Stakeholder enquiries

  • Providing a webform on an iPad or other tablet at community events for Stakeholders to register their attendance

As an example, you might add a Webform to your Project page, allowing Stakeholders to enter their name and email address, as well as some comments on your Projects. Based on your selections at the time of creating the webform, this can create a Stakeholder Record and a related Event Record. You could also allow Stakeholders to select from your Issues or enter other details about themselves.

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