What Consultation Manager provides

The system generates the HTML skeleton preconfigured with the Field names and values configured to your specifications. This is in an unstyled format so your existing CSS can be easily applied, allowing your web developers to design and arrange the web page in aesthetic and functional alignment with the rest of your website.

Once you have finalised your selections and generated the HTML, you will see the below-pictured view:

  1. The HTML body of your Webform - left click in this area to copy the code

  2. A Test Form - enter some details here to test that your form is functioning as you expect

To display the form on your website, your digital team should include the HTML in the relevant area.

With a basic understanding of HTML, you can edit the <label>, <h3> and <br/> elements. You should never edit the <form> or <input> elements as these serve a purpose in creating the Records and their unique attributes.

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