In order to make sure your Stakeholders receive SMS there needs to be a mobile number in the mobile field of their profile.

For Australia, this number needs to be either a 10 digit number or 11 digits if it starts with the country code +61.

This is also the case for your Users, however, you may need a "Mobile" field added to your Users profile beforehand, if so, please just reach out to our support team or your Account Manager and this can be organised for you.

If there are any spaces they will be automatically removed and if there are too many numbers the system will automatically count back from the end of the number and take the required amount it needs before adding the country code.

For example, all of these formats should be successful.

  • Number 1: 0400 123 456

  • Number 2: 61400123456

  • Number 3: +61 420 236 444

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