The SMS feature allows you to create and send messages to your Stakeholders and Users for project updates, road closures and other similar communications.

To start your SMS message click the Comms section in the top navigation bar, and select SMS.

This will take you to the SMS space where you can see previously saved or sent SMS campaigns, and create a new campaign.

to create a new campaign, click 'Create Campaign'.

Create Campaign

This will open the SMS builder.

1. Builder Stages: The SMS builder has 5 stages to send and manage your SMS (This article will go through the first 4 stages). The highlighted section is the one you are currently in.

2. Save and Exit: At any stage you can save or exit the SMS builder. It is important to note that your progress is only saved when you click 'Save' or 'Continue'.

3. Campaign Name: This is where you can add a name for your campaign. This will not be viewable to recipients, but will be on the Event created after sending to help identify the corresponding campaign.

4. Create: Once you've entered your Campaign Name, click Create to advance to the next stage of building your SMS.

Build SMS

This will open a space for you to curate your message which will automatically preview in text field within the phone image.

1. Text box: This is where you can add in your message. You can also add links to websites by pasting them inside the text field as well. This will allow your recipients to click on the link and be guided a particular website or engagement tool.

2. SMS info: You will receive some statistics as you create your message. Every 160 Characters will count as 1 SMS.

3. Test SMS: You can test what your SMS will look like when sending by putting in your mobile number and clicking 'Send Test'. Please note you can only send to one mobile number at a time.

4. Continue: Once you've entered your SMS, and are happy with the results, click Continue to go to the next stage of sending your SMS.

SMS Recipients

The next step is selecting who should receive your SMS notification.

1. Search: Use the search tool in the same way as the main search area to find specific subsets of Stakeholders. You can search for Stakeholders or Users.

2. Add Selected: Select specific Stakeholders from your search results and click Add Selected.

3. Add All: To add all Stakeholders from your search results, click Add All.

4. Remove Selected/Remove All: If you've added any Stakeholders or Users by mistake, you can remove specific recipients or remove them all.

5. Continue: Once you're happy with all of the recipients to get the SMS, click continue to go to the next step.

Sending Options

The final step before sending your SMS allows you to choose the details added to the Event created as a result of sending your SMS.

  1. Project Selection: Select the Project or Project the SMS relates to.

  2. Sending Country: The sending country. This formats all Phone numbers to suit to make sure the SMS is successfully sent.

  3. From Type: Choose if you want your message to appear from an alphanumeric sender (eg. CMUpdates), or numerical.

  4. From Name: This will change depending on your selection in the From Type. Either you can type in your alphanumeric ID, or select a number.

  5. Event Issues: The Issues that this message relates to, such as Access or Project Update. This selection will be added to the Event created when this SMS is sent.

  6. Send: Click send to send your message now. You will get a message confirming your send, and a notification when your SMS has been sent successfully. Your success message may take a few moments.

When the message is sent an Event will be automatically created and all of the Recipients that received the SMS will be automatically linked to it.

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