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How do I generate a Snapshot Report?
How do I generate a Snapshot Report?
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To run a Snapshot report, navigate to Reports (1), Snapshot (2), New (3).

Creating the Snapshot report

To generate the Snapshot report, conduct a search to filter the results to show only the records you want to include in the report.

For example, search for Stakeholders with a Last Name containing Smith, to narrow down the search to Stakeholders with the last name Smith.

  1. Project selection: Firstly, select which Projects you would like to include data from for your report.

  2. Select report fields: Select which fields from the main entity you’re reporting on you would like to include.

  3. Include related entities: Choose which entities related to the main entity you want to include. For example, include all the Event information relating to this group of Stakeholders.

  4. Include related entity fields: Choose specific fields on those related entities you want to include. For example, exclude the address of related Events when reporting on specific Stakeholders.

  5. Main Entity: This is the main entity type you’re reporting on.

Once you have selected the Entities, relationships and fields click on "Generate &Download" (5). This will automatically download the Snapshot report as a Word document.

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