Each classification can be used on any Project in your system. When a new Classification is created, it is instantly available across all Projects for the relevant Record type. This allows for quick and easy access to new Classifications across the entire system.

Classifications can also be restricted for use only on specific Projects. To customise a Project's framework, search for and open the relevant Project Record.

Next, switch over to the Classifications tab (1).

This area shows all Classifications available in the system. Many will be unticked. Ticking a Classification will restrict that Classification to your Project so that other Projects will not be able to select it when entering data.

In this tab, check the box next to each Classification that you wish to make exclusive to your Project (2).

NOTE: Keep in mind that by making a Classification restricted to your Project, you may be making it unavailable on other Projects.

Once you have selected all Classifications you want to use on your Project, be sure to click [Save] (3).

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