Consultation Manager has an open API allowing customers to build their own integrations to automatically add data to the database or pull data out into other applications or data warehouses.

Common integrations might be with products such as Customer Relationship Management systems, GIS systems and Document Management systems.

Our API documentation explains how you access your API along with how to query the database to perform different actions.

To find your specific API documentation, you just need to slightly update your database URL to include some extra information, an example of this is below:

Normal URL


The API URL will take you to your Consultation Manager Rest API Page.

You can download a complete JSON file by clicking the following button:

This page also includes all of the information needed to gain access to your API.

Please note: In order to gain access you need to have an account in Consultation Manager.

As an example, we have added a picture below of us using the above information to retrieve a Token in Postman.

If you have any questions or have any difficulty accessing your API please do not hesitate to contact us.

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