Consultation Manager (CM) is committed to continuously ensuring you have access to your data in a safe and secure manner.

CM is a secure web-based application hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform. Utilising industry-leading technologies, we deliver an enterprise class application which is capable of handling very high volumes of data quickly and securely.

All access to Consultation Manager is conducted via 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security, ensuring all data is encrypted in transit. Users access the system via unique username and password combinations with the option for Federated Authentication including Single sign-on.

All project data is stored in isolated storage areas unique to your Enterprise and this information is backed up on a regular schedule. Database files, documents, application and system files are backed up in an encrypted state to mitigate major disasters, including complete loss of a server facility.

Consultation Manager’s availability is continually monitored locally and remotely giving you the added assurance that the Consultation Manager platform will always be performing at its peak.

Have more questions? See our attached security documents for more details.

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