When creating a new email to send to multiple recipients, it's always beneficial to test the email to see what it looks like.

There are two main ways you can see what an email you're working on will look like to the recipient.


The Email builder area has a feature which allows you to preview the email to see what it would look like to the recipient.

Clicking the Preview button will create a pop out window where you can view the contents of your email as if it were in an email browser.

Here you will have a few options to choose the viewing scenario you'd like to test.

This will enable you to view your content as if you were viewing on a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device.

Test email

At the bottom of the email builder, there will be an option to enter in an email address to send a test email to.

*Please note, that you can only enter in one email at a time to send to.

This will send an email with the content you've entered to that email address.

The differences

It's important to note that when sending a test email this way, there will be a couple of small differences between the test and your final send.

  1. The test email will come from no-reply@consultationmanager.com regardless of your selection in the from email area.

  2. The test email will have the subject Test Email

This is to differentiate your test email from your final send.

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