Consultation Manager sends emails in various scenarios, including system generated emails (e.g. password resets) and emails using our Comms tool.

In some circumstances recipients, including Stakeholders, or even you as a User, may not receive one of these emails.

These are the most common reasons an email may not make it to the recipients inbox:


Whilst emails are usually delivered very quickly, sometimes there can be delays as the email can be routed through many pathways before it ultimately reaches the recipient.

Typically, emails arrive within a few moments, but sometimes it can take to up to an hour to come through.

Incorrect details

It can be quite easy for small data errors to impact a successful email send. If an email has a typo in it, for example, @gmail.con vs, it will result in an unsuccessful send.

Additionally, depending on the recipient's email server, emails with additional spaces may not be recognised. If the stakeholder's record has a space at the beginning or the end of their email, it may be rejected.

Junk folder

Sometimes instead of going straight to the recipient's inbox, an email can get routed to a junk folder instead.

Emails can end up in the junk folder if the email server has flagged them as potential spam, or not important.

Get the recipient to check their junk folder to see if the email appears there. If it does, they can mark it as 'not junk' which should reduce the likelihood of future emails being routed to their junk folder.


It's quite common for email servers to have anti-spam protection elements. If the email is detected as spam, it can be blocked from going through to the recipient's inbox.

Commonly, if the recipient has access to their IT team, or direct access to their 'quarantine' folder, they should be able to retrieve the email.


If a recipient has previously unsubscribed from emails sent from Consultation Manager, no future emails will be attempted to be sent. This is to be ensure compliance with the Australian Anti-Spam Act.

The statistics section of an email should indicate if a person has potentially unsubscribed. The statistics will show a status of 'Dropped' for that recipient.

Additional security elements

In some circumstances, the recipients email server may have blocked the email completely, using additional security providers/settings.

In this circumstance, the sender will need to be whitelisted by the recipient's IT team before any email will go through successfully.

To whitelist CM emails, have a look at our whitelisting article.

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