Finding your Username
Some Users have a legacy username, and others can use their email. Here's how to tell which is yours
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Most commonly, your Username is your email address. However, if you're a User who has previously used our legacy system, you may have a Username which has a few letters followed by 4 numbers (eg. abc1234).

Looking at your (or another User's profile), you can tell if you need to use this Username, or your email address.

On the left-hand side of the User profile, look first to see if there is a value entered into the 'login' field (1).

This is your legacy Username.

If it is empty, you should use your email address, which you can also locate on your profile.

If the login field has a value, such as the above, look lower down for the 'Use Legacy Login' field. If this is ticked, you need to use the legacy Username in the Login field to login.

Important note: Each system can be configured differently, so the order of the fields in the example screenshot may differ from what you can see.

Want to use your email to login instead? Email us at

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