Enterprise Unsubscribe

How to find a stakeholder, locate a stakeholder, remove a stakeholder and check the audit trail Enterprise Unsubscribe list.

Required System Role: Enterprise Admin

Finding the Enterprise Unsubscribe List

The Enterprise Unsubscribe management area is located within the Enterprise Management Settings.

Click 'Communications Configuration' then locate the 'Enterprise Unsubscribe List' and click the green 'View Enterprise Unsubscribe List' button.



The Enterprise Unsubscribe List will then list out all the stakeholders that have previously unsubscribed from any of your campaigns.


There are three shortcuts 'Email Campaigns, Enterprise unsubscribe List and Audit Trail.

To learn more about the Audit Trail go here.

How to locate a stakeholder on the Unsubscribe List

The 'search' field will accept [First Name], [Last Name] or [Email address] for the stakeholder you are trying to find.

Please be aware that an email address may be linked to multiple recipient records. In cases where a request to unsubscribe has been received, all records associated with that email will be unsubscribed to ensure compliance.

The search field uses dynamic lookup and will begin searching from the first letter which can be handy if you are looking for all records beginning with certain letters.


Once you have located the stakeholder record, clicking the email address will open the record in your workspace to confirm the record.

The search also provides the associated stakeholder ID/s and their name/s.

To locate another stakeholder record, clear the name from the search field and type a new name or email address.

Removing a stakeholder from the Unsubscribe List

Before resubscribing any stakeholder records, it is imperative to be fully informed about your legal obligations. Please check this article about your legal responsibilities and the guidelines relevant to your locale.

Click the 'Resubscribe' button on the stakeholder record that you want to remove from the unsubscribe List.

A 'Resubscribe to Enterprise' popup will appear.

You will be required to provide a Legal Form of Consent from the selection drop-down, It is also possible to select 'Other/Alternate'.

Then you must also provide 'Justification For Communication Consent'

Once you have provided the two required fields, the 'Resubscribe; button will become active and you can then remove the stakeholder/s from the Unsubscribe List.

The stakeholder record will now appear on the Audit Trail.

Accessing the Audit Trail

Access the Audit trail here.

It is only possible to search for stakeholders via their email addresses in the Audit Trail.

The Audit Trail provides an uneditable audit for all the unsubscribed records and the justification for re-subscribing.