Exploring Version 2.0 of eComms

Webinar Recording Thursday 24 August 2023


Exploring Version 2.0 of eComms

Version 2.0 of eComms is here! Version 2.0 introduces drastic increases in sending capacity and speed, improved responsiveness, and an incredible overhaul of campaign creation and reporting.

As Version 2.0 is a complete rebuild of our original eComms tool, there’s an abundance of new features and changes that will streamline your day-to-day. We are so excited to showcase these in a live walkthrough!

In this webinar, Consultation Manager's Product Manager and Customer Success Lead will take a deep dive into Version 2.0 so you and your team can benefit from these improvements.

Our team will cover:

  • An overview of eComms Version 2.0

  • The new campaign area for both Email and SMS

  • Updates to the campaign builder and the use of distribution lists

  • New statistics dashboard for campaign and account performance