What's my system prefix or URL?

Every Consultation Manager Enterprise platform is accessed via a unique URL (web link).

Your Consultation Manager system is located at a unique URL. This URL will include your system prefix, which might be an acronym for, or the name of your organisation or project.

Our support team will often ask for the system prefix in order to authenticate you as a User of Consultation Manager and to enable them to investigate your unique query. We may also ask for the URL, "system domain", "client code" or another variation on this terminology.

Your prefix defines the subdomain portion of the URL, while the following text is the domain.

The prefix is made up of alphanumeric characters and must be at least three characters in length.

Example URL: https://[prefix].consultationmanager-preview.com

The URL (1) takes you to your login page, which will also show your platform name (2).

When a new User is added to your system, they will receive an automatically generated email including this URL and a link to set their password.

We recommend that all Users bookmark this URL as they will need to navigate directly to it every time they access Consultation Manager.

If you are unsure of your URL please contact your Enterprise Administrator or Consultation Manager Support (support@consultationmanager.com).