How do I generate a Snapshot Report?

How do I generate a Snapshot Report?

Required System Role: Standard User

Required Team Role: Viewer 

To run a Snapshot report, navigate to Reports (1), Snapshot (2), and New (3).

Creating the Snapshot report

To generate the Snapshot report, conduct a search to filter the results to show only the records you want to include in the report.

For example, search for Stakeholders with a Last Name containing Smith, to narrow down the search to Stakeholders with the last name Smith.

  1. Project selection: First, select which Projects you would like to include data from for your report.

  2. Select report fields: Select which fields from the main entity you’re reporting on you would like to include.

  3. Include related entities: Choose which entities are related to the main entity you want to include. For example, include all the Event information relating to this group of Stakeholders.

  4. Include related entity fields: Choose specific fields on those related entities you want to include. For example, exclude the address of related Events when reporting on specific Stakeholders.

  5. Main Entity: This is the main entity type you’re reporting on.

Once you have selected the Entities, relationships and fields click on "Generate & Download" (5). This will automatically download the Snapshot report as a Word document.