Managed Distribution Lists

How to add to and remove recipients from Managed Distribution Lists


The options available will be dependent on your system role.

Distribution Lists segment your audience into easily manageable lists that can be added to or removed from as necessary.

Distribution Lists are located here in the Communications area.

The options available below will be dependent on your system role.

1. Search for any of your Distribution Lists by name

2. 'Manage' will take you to the Recipient List

3. Total number of Distribution Lists

4. Access the Enterprise Unsubscribe List (only available to Enterprise Administrators)

Clicking "Manage" on any of the Distribution Lists will take you here to see the total amount of recipients currently on that Distribution List. This will also include those recipients that may have previously unsubscribed from via a campaign.

If a particular recipient unsubscribes from a distribution list, they are not removed. Instead, their status is updated to 'Unsubscribed'.

To add more recipients to your Distribution List, click 'Add New Recipients'.

Then you can use the search functionality to refine and find recipients to add to your Distribution List.

Then you can check the box against the recipients that you want to add.

And then click 'Add Selected (*)' to add just those or if you want the complete results click 'Add All'.