📲 Sending your SMS Campaign

This guide will help you in getting your email campaign either scheduled or sent.


Required System Role: Standard User

Required Team Role: Editor and Comms Manager

📱 Sending an SMS Campaign Immediately

Once you have finished building your SMS campaign and each detail section is displaying a green checkmark, your campaign is ready to send.


To send your SMS campaign immediately, click the Send Now button.

Depending on the size of your campaign it may take a few moments to finish distributing all SMSs, once the sending process is complete you will be redirected to a final confirmation screen.


From here, you will be able to access your campaign statistics from the SMS campaign list by clicking the Stats button next to the campaign. We've got a separate guide which can be viewed here that covers the different areas of the SMS campaign statistics page.


📅 Scheduling an Email Campaign

To schedule your SMS campaign to send at a later date/time, click the Schedule Send button.

You can then select both the desired sending Date & Time using the provided input selectors.


Finally, click the Set Schedule button to confirm your Date/Time selection and schedule your campaign.


You will need to click the Unschedule button prior to making any additional changes to your campaign after it has been scheduled.