📊 Understanding SMS Statistics

This guide will summarise the statistics displayed for all SMS campaigns, touching on the different counts and recipient statuses.

Required System Role: Standard User

Required Team Role: Editor and Comms Contributor 

To view your SMS campaign statistics following the sending of your campaign, click the Stats button adjacent to your campaign from the SMS Campaign list.



This will open the statistics page for the selected campaign.

🔢 Statistics Cards

The general statistics cards provide a breakdown of your campaign's general performance:

  • Recipients: How many unique recipients we attempted to send your campaign to.

  • Delivered: How many SMS messages were successfully delivered.

  • Failed: How many SMS messages failed to be delivered.

  • Success Rate: Percentage of SMS messages which were successfully delivered.

📃 Recipients List

The Recipient List provides a summary of each recipient's status in relation to the SMS campaign sent.

Each recipient will display the latest campaign status we have recorded for them:

  • Delivered: Campaign has been delivered to this recipient.

  • Sending: Campaign is still in the process of being sent to this recipient.

  • Undelivered: Campaign failed initial delivery and is being retried.

  • Failed: Campaign failed to deliver to the recipient.

Due to varying mobile devices, telecom networks and other factors, we can't always capture a definitive failed or successful delivery, which is why we apply this optimistic approach as it is likely the SMS has been delivered to all but the Failed recipients. When looking at the Event, our system only links a Stakeholder to the SMS Event when a definitive successful delivery has been recorded. The difference between this number and the delivered stats in the campaign area is the number of Recipients for whom we do not have a definitive outcome recorded.